Hill Inlet Lookout

The Atlantic Clipper cruises at a comfortable speed to get you to as many destinations as possible. When the winds are light, the Clipper uses it's enormous engine to cruise at about 9 knots. (One of the fastest sailing boats in the Islands.) One of the highlights of our trip is visiting the pristine Whitehaven beach *** Weather permitting.. Our customers rave about Whitehaven Beach being a highlight of their trip to Australia.

Our fully crewed diving team knows all the best spots to scope out the best wildlife and snorkel and dive gear is available for everyone on board.

Explore Magnificent Beaches

Explore the magnificent Whitehaven beach, with plenty of time to check it out; lie on the white sands or trek through the untouched wilderness. Swim you heart out or have an improvised beach game. Theres so much to do... but the best part is you don't have to do anything at all.

Scuba Divers

Dive, Snorkel, & Swim the Reef

Scuba dive, Snorkel or just Swim on some amazing locations on Great Barrier Reef. One of our usual stops at Luncheon Bay is a perfect place for a first Scuba dive, with it's Beach Entry. We also stop at Langford island for more snorkelling and diving, also a great place to watch a beach sunset. Atlantic Clipper will generally have 2 dive instructors aboard. With it's own compressor we can fill up 300 bottles a day! (Which they've never come close to needing.) Two 6 metre tenders can transport passengers quickly to great beach and dive locations.